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After our most recent trip to Indonesia, we fell in love with the most gorgeous printed fabrics that are beautifully hand-woven and made locally in Bali.

Traditionally named Rang Rang, these headscarves are hand-woven from natural materials in Bali.

Worn as waist bands in traditional Balinese ceremonies, we have sourced a limited number of these beautiful pieces to be worn as headscarves (as pictured), wraps or hung as wall art in your home.

I can’t express how excited we were when we found them, and how limited they were. But we managed to bring back a select few that are available now exclusively to


If you have never worn a headscarf, don’t worry, they look amazing on everyone! You can find many how-to videos on youtube, but make sure you choose a style that works with a thicker fabric to match our high quality, hand-woven headscarves. We recommend choosing a simple wrap style like the ones pictured on our website.


Here are a few of our favourite how-to videos we found online that show you how you can wear your new Villa and Stone headscarf this summer.




Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, what will you be giving your valentine?

Our Parisian Pear scented candle in the 320ml and 200ml is the ideal romantic gift to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Soft and sweet, with the beautiful notes of fresh herbs and spices. A stunning candle that will relax and replenish.

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Valid until Midnight 14 February, 2016. Limited to 1 use per customer.

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– Image featuring our Parisian Pear hand-made soy candle from the Salt and Sand Hills range available at and white lace bralette from Camilla and Marc


InStyle Christmas gift ideas for him

Need Christmas gift ideas for the Gentleman in your life?

Check out InStyle Magazine’s Editor’s top picks, which happens to include our new and delicious Cinnamon Bark & Clove candle.

We have a range of candles made especially with him in mind, all within our LIFE LOVE AND STYLE RANGE. They’re rich, spicy and robust, made with a popular selection of fresh herbs and spices.

The Cinnamon Bark & Clove blend is perfect for Christmas, but you also can’t go past our soothing Mandarin & Rosemary blend or the sharp zesty scent of Pink Grapefruit.

All 3 scents available now at our online shop and selected stockists.

That Burning Issue!

Like many of you, I have had my fair share of candle burning issues. But through the years I have found handy ways to either prevent or fix any problems, particularly when it comes to getting the most out of my candle. One of the worst things to happen to a candle is to waste it! And one of the main reasons you will waste up to half of your candle, is from the tunnelling of your wax.

Here are some of the reasons behind wax tunnelling and our best tips to fix it!

Avoid tunnelling of your candle…
Before lighting your candle, trim the candle wick to approximately 7mm. The first time you use your new candle, burn until the wax melts evenly across the container. The entire surface of the candle should be melted to every edge. This is very important as scented candles develop a ‘burn memory’ and a candle that has not been burnt right to the edges on its initial use, will ‘tunnel’ and burn unevenly through the centre of the wax.

How to repair a tunnelling candle…
If for some reason you could not burn your candle for long enough to reach all the edges in your initial burn, there are a few tricks to fix it! These are not recommended as common practice, but the last thing you or I want is for you to waste any of your Villa and Stone candle.

1. When you re-light your candle that did not burn to the edge in your previous burn, the best way to get your wax to burn to the edge is to push in the outer unmelted wax into the hot melting wax. I recommend a paddle pop stick or similar, that will be safe to use around hot wax and a burning flame. Please do not use any metal objects that will heat up and do not use your fingers.

2. If there is over 5mm of unmelted wax on the edges that will not melt, the best practice is to sacrifice the unmelted wax by removing it and throwing it away. Do this when your candle is NOT lit and make the surface completely flat before re-lighting. Your next candle burn must be long enough to reach all edges, so the wax melts evenly across the container. This will be anywhere between 2-4+ hours.

3. If you are still having trouble getting your wax to melt evenly across the entire glass container, your wick might be tilting to one side. Villa and Stone candles only use 100% cotton wicks, with no toxic metals. Because of this, your wick may tilt during the course of the burn time and you may notice the direction your wick is pointing in has burnt to the edge, but the other side has not. If this happens tilt the candle wick to the other side (in the direction of the unmelted wax). For safety reasons I recommend you blow out your candle and then tilt your wick in the direction of the unmelted wax. Then re-light immediately and wait until your wax has melted across the entire container. However, if you decide to do so while the candle is still lit, only use a safe object to do so. Do not use any objects that may heat too quickly or set on fire. Safety first!

4. When re-lighting your candle always keep candle wicks centred. Ensure you position your scented candle away from drafts. A draft can result in an uneven burn and will reduce the life of your candle.

All Villa and Stone candles are made with only the highest-quality Premium Soy Wax. We only use 100% cotton wicks, so there are NO toxins, and we use certified essential oils wherever possible. Our candles are designed to give you the most out of the candle in life and the scent throw. We pride ourselves on both the quality of our candles and providing a eco-friendly candle that is safe and effective.

And there you go! Hopefully that fixes any candle tunnelling problems. Please tell us if you have any questions or let us know if you have any helpful tips on getting the most out of your candle.


The new Rivers and Rice Fields range

I’m so excited to release our new Rivers and Rice Fields design in the next few weeks. Designed exclusively for Villa and Stone by award winning Australian typographer Gemma Obrien, the new design brings new life to our jungle-based range. Above is a sneak peek at what it will look like.

At Villa and Stone we want only the best in both quality and design, so there was no question in why we asked Gemma to create the beautiful hand-written type for this range.

The Rivers and Rice Fields range is full of tranquil yet invigorating exotic scents. They include beautifully layered florals and asian botanicals, which come together to create the perfect atmosphere for your own little piece of paradise. Imagine the natural valleys, rice fields, flowing rivers and organic scents of Bali. These elements are all part of this range and we wanted our design to reflect exactly that.

We hope you love our new design as much as we do. The new Rivers and Rice Fields range will be available for purchase in the upcoming weeks.

For more of Gemma’s incredible work, visite her website:



Creative Director



We’ve all been there… over-worked, stressed, tired and in desperate need of a holiday. Stat.

Unfortunately, like most of us, you’re stuck in the land of huge monthly bills, with nowhere near enough savings to fly first class to that luxurious Maldives resort we’ve all dreamed of. Instead, like the rest of us, you have to resort the more realistic (boo) way to relax and recuperate.

In comes the solution… a do it yourself spa day getaway in your very own home.

All you need is a quiet space, laying on your bedroom or in a warm bath is best, dimmed lighting, relaxing music – think chimes or ocean sounds (sounds a little naff but it really does help), and a scent that will whisk you away to that divine day spa in tropical paradise (insert your ultimate dream destination here).

On the rare occasion I’ve been able to getaway to a ‘real’ holiday, and my favourite and most relaxing part has always been visiting the resort spa and smelling the gorgeous natural botanical scents. And as candle creators, one of our first aims was to capture that feeling of being pampered in a 5 star resort day spa and bring it into our own home.

We tried and tested a variety of scent combinations, and after many months we found our ultimate spa scent… Mandarin & Rosemary.

This 100% essential oil blend, with hints of cedarwood and patchouli, has natural benefits to relax your mind, body and spirit, with rosemary known to help tired, stiff and overworked muscles, while Patchouli helps to relieve symptoms of stress.

Inspired while being on an actual holiday in tropical Ubud, Bali, our Mandarin & Rosemary blend is the must-have scented candle to use in your at home day spa.

So, for those of us unable to jet set around the world to visit the most exclusive resorts and day spas at a drop of a hat, this one is for you (and me).


Welcome to Villa and Stone

Welcome to Villa and Stone and our new website!

After a long time spent researching, designing, developing and testing, I, together with my dedicated team, am so happy to have finally launched our luxury resort-style brand Villa and Stone and our brand new website with an online shop.

After first being inspired on a getaway to luscious Bali, we aimed to re-create that incredible feeling of relaxation, feel those gorgeous textures, smell the natural scents, and all with a touch of stylish design so that we could have a piece of that resort-style living in our very own home. A a designer, I appreciate impeccable styling and design, but I also fell in love with the incredible range of scents I had experienced. These scents were more natural and botanical in nature and would immediately whisk you away from everyday life. The scents alone could let your imagination transport you poolside to your deluxe private villa, you could escape to the day spa for your ultimate massage experience, or even let you picture yourself sitting beachside sipping cocktails and watching the crashing waves. Wherever your special getaway may be (real or imaginary), these scents would take you there.

So it began with the gorgeous botanical scents that are unique to luscious destinations like Ubud, Bali, and other exotic locations across the globe. Scents that could transport you to your ultimate retreat without you having to leave your home. We have developed a range of scents that are unique to Villa and Stone and made from the highest quality oils and products. We have blends such as mandarin & rosemary with hints of cedarwood and patchouli that is best described as relaxing with earthy tones, and our favourite day spa scent. Or the gardenia with waterlily and rose geranium that is beautifully light and floral, and perfect to freshen up any room. In all of our candles we use 100% soy wax, premium cotton wicks and our glass is of the highest quality and completely re-usable. And we hope you do re-use them! (see our product care page for our recommended method to clean the glass for re-use).

The Villa and Stone brand encapsulates all that is luxurious. Villa & Stone offers a piece of style and quality that we hope you will love, and will let you too have a slice of luxury in your very own home.


Villa and Stone



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