We’ve all been there… over-worked, stressed, tired and in desperate need of a holiday. Stat.

Unfortunately, like most of us, you’re stuck in the land of huge monthly bills, with nowhere near enough savings to fly first class to that luxurious Maldives resort we’ve all dreamed of. Instead, like the rest of us, you have to resort the more realistic (boo) way to relax and recuperate.

In comes the solution… a do it yourself spa day getaway in your very own home.

All you need is a quiet space, laying on your bedroom or in a warm bath is best, dimmed lighting, relaxing music – think chimes or ocean sounds (sounds a little naff but it really does help), and a scent that will whisk you away to that divine day spa in tropical paradise (insert your ultimate dream destination here).

On the rare occasion I’ve been able to getaway to a ‘real’ holiday, and my favourite and most relaxing part has always been visiting the resort spa and smelling the gorgeous natural botanical scents. And as candle creators, one of our first aims was to capture that feeling of being pampered in a 5 star resort day spa and bring it into our own home.

We tried and tested a variety of scent combinations, and after many months we found our ultimate spa scent… Mandarin & Rosemary.

This 100% essential oil blend, with hints of cedarwood and patchouli, has natural benefits to relax your mind, body and spirit, with rosemary known to help tired, stiff and overworked muscles, while Patchouli helps to relieve symptoms of stress.

Inspired while being on an actual holiday in tropical Ubud, Bali, our Mandarin & Rosemary blend is the must-have scented candle to use in your at home day spa.

So, for those of us unable to jet set around the world to visit the most exclusive resorts and day spas at a drop of a hat, this one is for you (and me).


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