Welcome to Villa and Stone

Welcome to Villa and Stone

Welcome to Villa and Stone and our new website!

After a long time spent researching, designing, developing and testing, I, together with my dedicated team, am so happy to have finally launched our luxury resort-style brand Villa and Stone and our brand new website with an online shop.

After first being inspired on a getaway to luscious Bali, we aimed to re-create that incredible feeling of relaxation, feel those gorgeous textures, smell the natural scents, and all with a touch of stylish design so that we could have a piece of that resort-style living in our very own home. A a designer, I appreciate impeccable styling and design, but I also fell in love with the incredible range of scents I had experienced. These scents were more natural and botanical in nature and would immediately whisk you away from everyday life. The scents alone could let your imagination transport you poolside to your deluxe private villa, you could escape to the day spa for your ultimate massage experience, or even let you picture yourself sitting beachside sipping cocktails and watching the crashing waves. Wherever your special getaway may be (real or imaginary), these scents would take you there.

So it began with the gorgeous botanical scents that are unique to luscious destinations like Ubud, Bali, and other exotic locations across the globe. Scents that could transport you to your ultimate retreat without you having to leave your home. We have developed a range of scents that are unique to Villa and Stone and made from the highest quality oils and products. We have blends such as mandarin & rosemary with hints of cedarwood and patchouli that is best described as relaxing with earthy tones, and our favourite day spa scent. Or the gardenia with waterlily and rose geranium that is beautifully light and floral, and perfect to freshen up any room. In all of our candles we use 100% soy wax, premium cotton wicks and our glass is of the highest quality and completely re-usable. And we hope you do re-use them! (see our product care page for our recommended method to clean the glass for re-use).

The Villa and Stone brand encapsulates all that is luxurious. Villa & Stone offers a piece of style and quality that we hope you will love, and will let you too have a slice of luxury in your very own home.


Villa and Stone

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